Oolong tea is a wonderful tea after exercising because it is full of antioxidants to boost up the metabolism rate.

Oolong tea has several types of flavour based on oxidization, which are light, roast, and rich. Rich roasting has a colour of dark red when infusing. In contrast, light roasting has a colour of royal yellow.

Oolong tea is healthy because the plant has polyphenols, which are micronutrients, that activates enzyme lipase to lower cholesterol levels.

Oolong Tea


Heavy Roasted Oolong

Benefits 功效 :

有助: 降低膽固醇 、提神醒腦、排毒功效、有助消化、減脂

Aid: Lowers cholesterol, refreshing, detoxifies, strengthen the digestive system, burns fat


Dark Oolong