Fruit Tea

Fruit Tea is highly chosen from cafés, and hotels because it is a combination of Chinese and Western culture.  


Our fruit tea is unique because each has a mix of dried fruits, such as peach, blueberry, orange, and roselle.

Fruit tea is best with syrup due to the sour taste of roselle. Therefore syrup will enhance the rich taste of the tea and very tasty in both hot or cold-brewed.


Blueberry is healthy as it can improve memory and brain health. Peach and Oolong has a nice combination which will aid the digesting system. Lemon fruit tea has a pleasant scent while also have a bit of vitamin C.

Benefits 功效 ​:

有助: 解渴降溫、開胃、靜心安神


Aid: Quench thirst & cool down, appetite, calms the heart and mind