Buckwheat Tea

Buckwheat tea, healthy and delicious which makes them a popular rice tea for both brewing methods across many countries.

Our Golden Buckwheat tea went through a roasting production process which makes it a popular choice among our restaurant partners. The colour is yellow and has a rice, nutty, earthy taste, and a light scent.

Buckwheat's soluble fiber is much higher than rice by 4x, and 2.7x of wheat, and a great choice during nighttime because it is Caffeine-free!


Important - People who are low blood pressure, & low blood sugar level please be cautious.   

Benefits 功效 :

有助: 預防水腫、減脂、提高免疫力、控制三高

Aid: Avoid bloatedness, burns fat, aid immunity, and aid blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol