Black Tea

Black tea unique production process allows tea leaves to fully oxidize before heat-processed and dried.


During the process of oxidization, caffeine in tea leaves is being released. Therefore, black tea has the highest level of caffeine among tea.


The colour of black tea lies between carmine red and maroon red. Taste is rich and flavorful, hence it is not advised to steep in a long duration.

Britons enjoy having black tea during breakfast, and tea time because black tea can remove the oily texture of meat, and relieve sweetness by eating cakes. Therefore, black tea is a popular healthy tea in England.


Lychee Black

Benefits 功效 ​:

有助: 溫陽活血、新陳代謝、散寒除濕、提神醒腦


Aid: Blood flow circulation, metabolism, clears heat and dispels dampness, refreshing