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When it comes down to finding a gift for your family, teas for relaxation, alternative healthy beverages, fruity drinks, or even creative tea options for your businesses

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Buckwheat Tea

If you love hiking and rice tea, then Buckwheat Tea is your cup of tea!

Golden Buckwheat tea, one of our most popular tea due to tea roasting, which strengthens the smell of buckwheat and makes us unique.

An excellent choice if you are searching for a caffeine-free healthy option.


Fruit Tea

If you are looking for elegant tea that has fruit flavours, then Fruit Tea is your cup of tea!

Fruit tea is a popular choice among cafés and hotels due to its elegant scent, and a mix of fruits created dynamic flavours that will brighten your day.

Fruit tea is best with syrup to enhance the rich taste of the tea and very tasty in both hot or cold-brewed.

Flower Tea

If you are looking for a refreshing tea to relax your mind, then Flower Tea is your cup of tea!


We have selections of rose, jasmine, and daisy with a blend of black tea or green tea to elevate a distinctive taste and a pleasant scent. 


Flower tea is also a popular choice as a gift because it is both gorgeous and delicious.


Black Tea

If you would like to have a drink while working on a laptop, then Black Tea is your cup of tea!


Black tea has the highest level of caffeine among tea due to the process of oxidization but has less caffeine than coffee.

Black tea is widely accepted as breakfast tea because it has just enough caffeine to start your day.

Oolong Tea

If you would like to have a drink after exercising, then Oolong Tea is your cup of tea!

Oolong Tea has several types of flavour for you to choose based on the oxidization process, such as light, roast, and rich.

Oolong Tea can strengthen the digestive system, which is a great choice when one had a loss of appetite.


Green Tea

If you looking for a drink while enjoying a dessert, then Green Tea is your cup of tea!


Green tea has a green, yellow or light brown in colour, and its flavour should range from a light refreshing taste to a much sweeter seaweed-like taste.

Pu'Erh Tea

If you looking for traditional tea for your parents or families, then Pu'Erh Tea is your cup of tea!

Pu'Erh Tea's uniqueness is by their storing period. The longer time is stored, the more valuable the tea becomes. 

Pu'Erh Tea has probiotic through fermentation, which is good for your body.


White Tea

If you are looking to chill while reading a book, then White Tea is your cup of tea!


The taste of White tea is refreshing and smoothing, with a scent of floral aftertaste.


We supply a variety of tea options to help businesses 

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